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Horror Brew Podcast

Apr 30, 2017

Matt, Cat, and guest Matt Smith investigate vampires of the Eastern tradition!

Delving into the Jiangshi genre, tune in as we talk Mr. Vampire (1985) and Rigor Mortis (2013). Hopping vampires might not sound intimidating, but these qi-sucking clawed revenants are nothing to joke about!

This episode's cocktail is one of my own devising! 

The Qi-Reviver!

1.5 oz vodka

.75 oz Shoaxing wine

.75oze lychee syrup from canned lychee (you'll use the lychee for garnish!)

1 medium strawberry

Muddle the strawberry in your shaker, fill with ice and pour in ingredients. Shake and strain into a martini glass. Use 1 lychee as garnish.