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Horror Brew Podcast

Aug 21, 2017

Horror Brew gets cryptid! Tune in as Matt, Cat, and guest Gretchen talk 'squatch and his many appearances on the silver screen.

Cocktail Concoction: Swamp Ape Fizz

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Pour in the following:

2oz Bourbon

1oz Cider

1oz Soda

Dash of bitters

Aug 6, 2017

From big name & big budget, to sequels & remakes, to art house & low budget, horror films can be found occupying every level of film classification - this week Matt and Cat talk 2 lesser known indie/B films from 2016 that piqued their interest!

Cocktail Concoction: The Alchemist's Margarita

Fill a cocktail shaker with...